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How to Bet on BetOnFinance?

  1. BetOnFinance is something new in financial markets as it combines traditional betting with internet trading platform in order to provide really unique service. Betting on BetOnFinance is pretty similar to the one our grandparents used to do when horse or dog betting. The bettor has to select its favorite stocks and simply put their money on how will they perform in certain time period. Will the Google Stocks be in Top 3 of the day or maybe the best performing? Just like when it comes to horse betting, the bettor has to estimate the chances and performances.

    Easy Login and Great Introduction

    In order to start betting, account must be created. The SignUp button is in the upper-right corner of the website and only basic info is required (username, email, password and date of birth). Soon after making an entry, a verification email is sent, and after clicking the link, the bettor can start betting.


    When the user enters the platform big ‘Do You Need Help’ banner will show op. FBO team highly recommend reading the instructions, as they can be very useful, especially for beginners.


    The banner leads traders to learning section that is based on educational videos and FAQ section. It gives a great introduction to the world of betting and explains all terms in a simple way. There are also types of games and game rules listed. It is a great idea to put this type of banner first, as it immediately provides traders with the necessary information.

    Placing Bets on BetOnFinance

    The next step is to place bets. By Clicking ‘Bet Now’ users are redirected to their Bet Slip. Bet Slip is actually betting platform where every trader can choose how and when to place their bets. On the left side, users can see a drop-down menu where they choose a market, game type, period and game day.


    After the user gets finished with this part, it is time to pay attention to the middle, where all possibilities are listed. Immediately after the stock has been selected, the Bet Slip is open, in the shape of the little white window, where the bettor can enter the amount of money willing to bet.


    When the bet is finally completed, a pop-up window with confirmation will show up. A pop-up window lets the user know the bet is successfully placed.

    Now, all bettors have to do is wait and see if their bet is profitable of not. All bets placed can be followed on the homepage that provides weekly analysis of bets as well. There you can also find the list of most successful users, the real-time situation of markets and financial calendar.


    This online platform really makes betting more interesting than ever and is adjusted to all types of traders. It provides enough information so that even beginners can place successful bets and experience online betting in a new manner.

  2. Your capital is at risk

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