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Are There Any BDSwiss Complaints?


This regulated broker, due to CySEC’s decision, no longer provides binary options bonuses!

From our research of this broker, we have noticed that BDSwiss aims to offer people an advanced trading environment. Loyal traders can take advantage of the experience of this broker and have a successful trading experience every time. To this extent, we are happy to report that we have not registered any BDSwiss complaints. Given that this is a registered EU broker, means that people can trade safely, knowing that their transactions are completely safe and they will not have to worry about anything.

BDSwiss actually cooperates with regulatory organizations across the European Union in an effort to create a safe environment for its clients and guarantee them that their transactions will not be meddled with. This is one of the main reasons why this broker is so appreciated in the binary options trading community and why it has not received any complaints so far. BDSwiss has over 200 stocks, currencies, commodities and indices that can be traded by its clients, offering them a wide variety of options to choose from. This is why everyone can find something to trade at this broker, no matter what their preferences might be. Aside from a rich list of assets, this broker also offers its members other important perks worth mentioning such as market news and access to various rewards and prizes.

BDSwiss also puts a great deal of importance on trading education and offers 24/7 support to those in need, one more reason why there are no BDSwiss complaints. Customer care is very important for all traders who are at the beginning of the road or are just new to this broker and want to understand how to use all its features successfully. The banking of this broker is fast and reliable, a good news for all those who were planning to open an account on BDSwiss. Transfers are one of the most important things in binary options trading and the fact that this broker offers safe and fast banking is a major advantage.

On the website of this broker there are many tutorials on how to trade both long term and short term binary options, allowing new traders to understand trading and have the possibility to study the market as well. This broker constantly updates its list of commodities to be able to offer its clients everything they need to trade successfully. All these factors have made BDSwiss a reliable and trustworthy broker, which is why it has not received any complaints so far. In the dynamic world of binary options trading, being able to find a registered broker with safe trading features such as BDSwiss is something all people should appreciate.

Is BDSwisss a Scam?

Ever since the beginning of trading, scams have were implemented to cheat the gullible and force marks into giving away money to the crooks designing them. The concern for safety has, however, increased in recent times as a result of the fact that traders are beginning to be more and more well-informed as well as attentive to spot all the signs of being attracted in a scam of any sort.

But this is not the case with BDSwiss! As a popular and regulated binary options broker, BDSwiss is the perfect solution for those who wish to experience the best of the trading experience without any problems or stress whatsoever. In general, the brokers which have shown an inappropriate business behavior towards their clients or failed to respect the procedures in the field have been blacklisted due to their problems or lack of transparency. Yet again, BDSwiss is different and it manages to be one of the few brokers on the market nowadays which displays a maximum level of professionalism and trustworthiness, a fact which many traders using the system can verify at any moment.

BDSwisshas been regulated by the authorities of the European Union and has a license number of 199/13 with Cysec. This EU regulated broker is as far from being a scam as possible. In fact, BDSwiss is renowned for its level of reliability which has also generated a solid pool of traders which continue to feel satisfied with the broker’s services. Apart from offering a wide array of possibilities and interesting promotions, the fact that BDSwiss is an officially regulated solution means that the level of trust that this broker should receive is a maximum one from behalf of clients. BDSwiss is completely safe and reliable and so are the payment methods or withdrawals provided by the broker. With top encryptions and the highest level of data protection or transfer security, traders can rest assured that their earnings are safe with BDSwiss!

All in all, it can be clearly stated that BDSwiss is not a scam, nor is it even close to any form of trickery or con. The broker is EU regulated, trustworthy and completely transparent when it comes to offering any sort of financial information to its customers. The regulated status is equivalent to an ensuring that no trader data will be meddled with or distorted. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable broker to introduce you to the world of binary options trading or simply a safer platform to upgrade to, then BDSwiss is the perfect answer for your needs.

Is BDSwiss Regulated

The binary options field provides a simple and rewarding financial activity, to all those who want to experience trading. Also known under the name of “digital options”, this practice represents one of the fastest ways in which you can increase your profits and gain money, which is why it has gained a lot of popularity in the past years. Regardless their experience, traders all around the world manage to make profit through this virtual product, as long as they collaborate with a reputable broker which offers them a resourceful and performing trading platform. BDSwiss is one of these brokers, a trustworthy partner for all those who want to start a career in binary options.

bdswiss safe

In case you are considering this broker as a possible choice, you should know that BDSwiss is a Cyprus Investment Firm regulated by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), under license number 199/13. This institution has been created to supervise and control the investment market. Their main purpose is to build a secure and stable trading environment and thus attract more and more people interested in investing in binary options. Not all brokers available on the market have obtained a license from CySEC, which makes BDSwiss a reputable partner. The authorization received from this financial institution represents rather a recommendation, and traders can be sure that their investments are on good hands and the broker is not a scam. As a beginner in the field, you are strongly recommended to collaborate with a regulated broker, for a healthy development of your fund and less risks. Besides their official recognition, BDSwiss also offers its clients all the needed attention and resources, having a strong customer centric policy.

In case you are looking for a quick and secure manner to convert your financial decisions into considerable profits, BDSwiss is the perfect choice, due to its objectivity and well-established privacy policy. They respect their clients’ personal information and offer them the possibility to access various financial resources: stocks, currencies, indices and commodities. In addition to this, due to their loyal and performing services, they have managed to create a pool of customers which is constantly growing. The broker has managed to keep its clients engaged and prove them respect and commitment through its relationships with all the major international centers worldwide. Binary options represent a modern and popular financial tool, and the brokers must keep up with the market, which is why BDSwiss has unique offers and bonuses. Furthermore, besides the benefit of being a regulated broker and minimizing trading risks, it also gives its customers the possibility to access the platform regardless their location, due to its mobile application available, BDSwiss Trading App.

BDSwiss Bonus

This regulated broker, due to CySEC’s decision, no longer provides binary options bonuses!

If you are planning to launch your activity in the field of binary options, also known as digital options, the first thing you have to do is start the collaboration with a reputable broker, and BDSwiss is the best choice. Binary options are a secure and reliable financial method through which anyone, can improve their gains and obtain profit. Taking into consideration that the market has been invaded by more and more brokers lately, most of them being scams, choosing a reputable one is a real challenge.

To prove its loyalty towards its clients, BDSwiss has obtained an activity license from CySEC, a financial institution in charge with controlling all the transaction on the binary options market. The fact that the broker is regulated ensures all those who want to collaborate with it that their finances are on good hands, and there is no hidden trick which will disfavor them. Due to the quality services and trustworthy environment they offer, BDSwiss has managed to create and engage a pool of clients, which are constantly trading unlocking various rewards and obtaining unique bonuses.


The broker gives its clients the possibility to trade using more than 200 assets, making it the first choice partner when it comes to binary options. In addition to various offers and a performing trading platform, BDSwiss also has attractive bonuses, which are not regulated by any policy: as soon as they receive the bonus, clients can start using it. However, withdrawing the amount of money gained as a bonus can be done only after a series of trading activities made using the BDSwiss platform: the total transactions should have a value greater or at least equal to thirty times the value of the bonus received.

Most of the times, brokers use the initial bonus to attract clients, but there are also some hidden terms and conditions that traders, especially the inexperienced ones, are not aware of. This leads them to being oblige to trade in the beginning of their activity more than they afford, and thus lose considerable amounts of money. This does not happen with BDSwiss, which offers its customers trustworthy trading environment and takes good care of their finances. Once the conditions are met, the money received as a bonus can be transferred in the account the trader has with BDSwiss. Initially, the money used for trading will be withdrew from a safety deposit, without affecting the rest of the client’s funds, and only after this has been depleted, the bonus will be used.


Unfortunately for those who want to trade from the United States using BDSwiss, this platform does not accept US traders. Contrary to popular belief, this does not happen because it is illegal to trade with binary options in the United States, but because this activity has undergone

several legal changes and now every binary options trading platform needs to operate in accordance to it. Offering a trading environment for both US and EU users can be extremely complicated for a broker, because they need to obtain accreditation from numerous authorities can comply with many regulations. This is why platforms such as BDSwiss (which is EU-based) choose to focus solely on European traders.

BDSwissis regulated by CySEC, which means that EU traders can fully rely on the platform. However, USA traders have to look for profitable opportunities somewhere else. United States legislation has put a lot of pressure on offshore companies, so that now brokers who are not regulated by US authorities are not legally allowed to accept traders from this country. The activity itself is still legal and, in theory, people can choose whichever broker they want. The main legal tendency is to encourage this activity, but only at a national level. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has decided that only platforms that have received a certification from CFTC can accept traders from the United States. Since BDSwiss is regulated by CySEC, not CFTC, this is not yet possible.

As much as certain EU-regulated platforms would like to expand on an international scale and welcome traders everywhere, their freedom is restricted. Failing to comply with legislation means risking drastic measures such as fines and even the loss of their license. Those who live in the United States and would like to trade profitably still have options at their disposal.

Traders should note that a broker’s policy can change at any given moment and many of the platforms that accepted US traders a couple of years ago might have restricted access in the meantime and vice-versa. BDSwiss remains available only for EU traders, but those who find the platform very promising can follow their policy to find out if something changes.