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AmberOptions USA – Blacklisted

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. This broker has been blacklisted – read more here

      US based binary options traders are finding it harder and harder to find a good binary options brokerage since there are ever less of the global brokers which conform to certain payment settings required to accept US brokers. Also, since there is no global binary options authority that would be accountable for traders from all countries not just those with an regulating authority, US binary options brokers are a rare kind too.


      AmberOptions is not one of the brokers accepting US customers since they are heavily focused on acquiring European traders because it has become just much easier to provide services to those customers. AmberOptions USA traders will not be happy about this since if they have signed up with AmberOptions they will quickly understand it is impossible for them to make a payment and AmberOptions staff will warn them even if they have misunderstood the rules.

      While there are no AmberOptions USA services, one must notice this binary options broker does offer a range of binary options trading opportunities to other traders from across the globe. One of the crucial differences between binary options traders from the US and from Europe is that US customers don’t have a home regulating authority since the US regulatory bodies don’t accept the binary options trading business as it is organized in the rest of the world.

      However, AmberOptions USA services, even if not offered would be reliant on some third country to enable them to set up their platform before they can offer services to traders from the USA. Lately we have seen many binary options brokers exiting the US market as most of them turn to European MIFID financial regulation point single market directive rules in order to confirm they are legit in one or more of the EU countries.

      AmberOptions doesn’t accept US traders, but they are also not regulated in Europe. While status of the non-regulated broker might give some binary options traders some hope they will see AmberOptions USA service, one shouldn’t hope for more. AmberOptions does not provide services to US accounts, even though it is not regulated in Europe.

      As we mentioned before, the regulated status limitations are not only problems one may encounter when setting up the broker to accept USA residents and citizens. There are many other issues such as the compatibility of payment systems. While it wont be a problem for broker to organize a way for payments to come from the antiquated FED payment system, the full on solution costs too much too often, and AmberOptions already has pretty high withdrawal fees. They do not want to add more to their clients’ cost structure so they decided against this.

      AmberOptions Withdrawal

      AmberOptions withdrawal is pretty simple to use. When traders login into their account control panel, they can go to the banking section and simply click on withdrawals. Then they can accept one of the few payment services, depending on the type of the withdrawal they are doing and place a request for withdrawing funds.


      As always in binary options, traders will also need to provide identification documents to the broker’s financial centre in order to verify their identity so AmberOptions withdrawal is fully legitimate and approved according to the global anti-money laundering laws that require identification with an ID, address confirmation (utility bill) and credit card copy with most digits concealed. Also, AMLs require that the withdrawal method corresponds to the method that is used when depositing, unless one withdraws profits. Then, trader should use Bank Wire Transfer service.

      With AmberOptions withdrawal, traders can use some of the following services, that are divided into three main groups. First one is the credit card group that includes following credit cards: Visa, Delta, MasterCard, Diners, Visa Electron, Maestro. As noticed before, they all require compliance with AmberOption withdrawal procedure. Other cards supported are the second group because they require somewhat a different procedure than the first ones. With Maestro (Switch), Visa Electron and Solo cards traders will make sure these are authenticated. With Maestro one should make sure she has a 3D code that enables security for these cards.

      The last method for AmberOption withdrawal is the Bank Wire, the traditional way of sending and receiving money.

      With credit cards, the minimum withdrawal amount with AmberOption is $100, while withdrawal with bank transfer needs to be $250 minimum. It is similar with transfer fees. AmberOption has pretty costly services when it comes to withdrawals, each transfer costs $25 for a credit card and whopping $50 for bank wire transfers.

      Are There Any AmberOptions Complaints

      AmberOptions is one of the binary options brokers that really had no complaints since it was listed. We always take traders’ complaints very seriously since traders are in daily interaction with brokers and they are our eyes and ears. The best way for us to track brokers is to have regular communication with our readers.AmberOptions complaints didn’t happen until now and we hope it will stay that way. This binary options broker does take care to implement the best regulatory practices even if they are not regulated themselves. It is something that their customer focus required them to do as more and more brokers are put to scrutiny of the regulators.

      AmberOptions complaints will be heard even if there is no regulator to track their work. We and other industry watchdogs are making sure of that. So our traders can be confident to sign up with AmberOptions and start their trading career with this binary options broker. AmberOptions runs a good platform that offers many features. While there were no immediate AmberOptions complaints, we have in multiple occasions received inquiries about exact terms of certain services, such as the AmberOptions bonuses. Broker’s website is really low on information that would help traders differentiate their service among other brokers. While they do offer bonuses and include very fair terms, one can hardly know how much bonus is possible to get. While this isn’t a real complaint that would classify AmberOptions as a broker conducting fraudulent activities, it does cause them to loose points on transparency. We also think transparency is good for the broker since each broker should point out its key selling points to help traders decide.


      There are many reasons why there haven’t been any AmberOptions complaints. They have a vey nice binary options trading platform that makes it easy to place trades and even place multiple trades at once. Also, there is a signals service traders can use to boost their results. All users need to do for this is to register and receive signals and use these great trading tips to leverage the knowledge of financial experts for their own profit.

      Is AmberOptions a Scam – Yes, read more

      AmberOptions is a respected binary options broker in the industry. There are many traders currently trading with AmberOptions. This binary options broker is not regulated but it offers a premium service. The terms and conditions are favorable to binary options traders and there haven’t been any complaints about the behavior of this broker, nor about the treatment of AmberOptions customers.

      This is why we can also conclude AmberOptions is not a scam. As ever, we invite all readers to share their experiences with brokers with us and so we can let everyone know about AmberOptions scam reports. It is important to keep up the transparency, something FBO swore to do, in order to help traders find the best binary options brokers that are not frauds and to avoid those brokers that treat customers unethically.

      AmberOptions is maybe not as transparent broker as one would expect but the strong rules governing the industry are applied to their business practices. One of the best examples is the bonus policy that has clearly defined the way one can withdraw bonus and how to withdraw customer’s deposit even when bonus has been awarded. This is very important since experience tells us that many brokers that have proven to be a scam have used their unclear or unfavorable terms and conditions for bonuses to lure unsuspecting traders to the platform and then using those same rules to avoid paying them if the bonus was awarded.

      AmberOptions scam is so far an unproven rumor. However, this doesn’t mean that this broker, as all other brokers will be monitored and we invite traders to tell us about their experiences.

      Is AmberOptions Regulated

      While AmberOptions regulated status wasn’t available for a confirmation, it has become easy to understand that this broker has treated us well since they are listed on our website at the moment.

      We do not list bad brokers even if they are registered. The crucial point is our test. As our list of binary options brokers grows larger it is harder for us to track all what is happening. This is why we love customers feedback, and even with AmberOption regulated status unconfirmed it is easy to see why we rely on traders input to help us gauge good from bad brokers.

      Regarding AmberOptions, binary options traders can feel relaxed for now since we received no complaints about them. UPDATE: we have. It is important to highlight some of the interesting features this broker offers, and we found on of the best to be the option builder since it is one of the most transparent way traders can use binary options.

      With binary option builder, AmberOptions presents a tool for traders that lets them create their own options for trading where they choose the asset, expiry time and the preferred level of risk. As the risk control is in users hand, they can choose the trade off between payout and risk as they want, completely being in control of their portfolio.


      Old Square Holdings Limited

      AmberOptions has been some time on FBO best brokers list. While we did not have any complaints about this binary options broker, we also did not have many customers with them to form a full sample that can be properly tested to infer any conclusions. However, as there were no negative reviews and customer experiences, and if there are any in the future, we want to shed light on the company behind this binary options brokers. Amber Options is run by Old Square Holdings Limited. It is the same company that handles their affiliate program. For binary options transparency should come first and we also want to highlight the company which runs the AmberOptions brand, called Blue Bay Finance Limited.

      Old Square Holdings Limited is affiliated with Blue Bay Finance in so far as it provides payment services for this binary broker brand. Banking with Amber Options is actually a very easy endeavor. The minimum deposit with this binary options brand is only $100, so we are a bit surprised we did not have more customers choosing them as their trading venue. All customer accounts are segregated. Old Square Holdings Limited has enabled them to use all three major deposit methods : credit cards, wire transfer and e-wallets. Amber Options accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners and CashU. However, minimum transaction via bank wire is $500. This has nothing to do with Old Square Holdings Limited, but with costs and banking fees. It is just not economical to transfer smaller amounts.


    2. Your capital is at risk