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AmberOptions Bonus – Blacklisted

  1. While AmberOptions features many interesting specialties such as the low minimum deposit requirement or fast withdrawal, the AmberOptions bonus policy is a less clear part of this broker’s features set. Many binary options brokers like to have a clear binary options bonus policy in terms of the % or dollar amount traders will get upon depositing so they can easily make comparisons of AmberOptions and other similar binary options brokers. When there is a clear bonus policy, traders can choose between binary options brokers more easily and this increases transparency and competition in the marketplace. We are sorry to see AmberOptions bonus not presented as an options, and we advise traders to talk to AmberOptions representative upon signing up.


    With AmberOptions bonus, traders can , as with any other binary options bonus, use the extra money to place additional trades and increase their chances of average win rate. Since the more you trade, the more chances you have to win, because of statistics that say in the long run, the chances are half half, traders increase their chances beyond neutral since with additional trading they gain experience and that translates to more winning trades than losing ones. It is important for traders to get more practice opportunities and since AmberOptions offers no demo account, traders can use the bonus. As already noted, AmberOptions bonus is not clearly visible so it is hard to say how much one gets – it depends on the individual call to the customer service of the broker.

    While there is no clear policy regarding the amount of the bonus one can get with AmberOptions, there is a clear policy with withdrawals and this is more important.

    AmberOptions Demo Account

    AmberOptions doesn’t offer a demo account. Since the AmberOptions demo account is unavailable we are going to present the best substitutes for a demo account that can be even better in certain aspects. Since AmberOptions do offer a chance to see the trading interface and the way it functions directly on the website, we do not see a major case for an AmberOptions demo account to be offered to customers since all the relevant data on the trading platform is at hand with the integrated binary options trading interface.

    AmberOptions has several trading windows active on their website and traders have the chance to see them live in action as they browse the website. They can even click on buttons to place virtual trades up to a certain point where a deposit is requested. It is important to note that most of the brokers offering a demo account also require a deposit in order to ensure only serious traders get access to their platform resources. So it is very hard to find a binary options broker that doesn’t require a deposit to use a demo account. When this is taken into an account, it stands to question the reason why would anyone use the demo account at all. Well, many traders would use the AmberOptions account to try out the platform and maybe trade a bit with virtual money.

    AmberOptions Login

    For those who want to login with AmberOptions, there are several procedures to follow. When we say procedures, we do not mean some time-consuming forms filing and other bureaucratic nonsense. The signup process is easy as with most internet services on the planet. Traders just need to make sure they input the correct information in order to access their preferred services with AmberOptions login later. AmberOption login means the discovery of a range of interesting possibilities for traders, some of which are already presented on their website. While most binary options traders care about good trading experience, the fact that this broker offer other binary options support services will be helpful to them. AmberOptions login also provides good education possibilities, good reviews of the markets, signals and other useful services for the trader.

    As noted, in order to make an AmberOptions login one first has to make sure the signup process is complete. Traders will first have ti input their basic data to identify their account the right way. AmberOptions sign up requires name and surname, age, country, phone number, and other usual stuff when someone wants to create an account on the internet.


    Upon registering with AmberOptions, traders will get confirmation and activation email to verify their email and then they can access the control panel of the broker. There, one can obviously use the banking section to deposit if one wants to start trading. When traders deposit they can only trade some limited amount if they haven’t verified their identity. If they want to trade more, they will have to do the AmberOptions login after they have sent their documents that were requested from the broker. AmberOptions will then enable the full access to the account and full access to the trading platform.

    AmberOptions Minimum Deposit

    We haven’t had any complaints regarding AmberOptions so far and we hope it will remain so in the future. As our readers may or may not know we award our long-term partners with the Top Reviewed Broker award we instituted on last year’s FBO Awards and we hope to award it to Amber Options this year. For traders, it is important to know how high are the barriers to entry with each broker. For newer or even unregulated broker, traders won’t be that happy to deposit funds easily.

    With AmberOptions minimum deposit traders won’t have such problems when they are entering trading binary options. The AmberOptions minimum deposit is just $100, thus, traders don’t risk their money in the sense of opportunity cost of trading with other platforms when depositing with AmberOptions for the first time. Traders who have a long trading history with AmberOptions are already familiar with this policy because it enables them to flexibly monitor their accounts as they wish. Traders think flexibility when depositing and withdrawing with binary options broker is important since there are so many brokers out there now that it is important to change easily when a broker with a new and better service arrives. This is why AmberOption minimum deposit may even seem like a bad decision for this broker as it enables traders to leave them as soon as something better appears.

    AmberOptions doesn’t see it that way. They are committed to innovation to keep in line with the rest of the binary options Industry. There is no reason to fall behind when one can build a long-term relationship with customers by introducing new and better features. AmberOptions offers a range of binary options types one can trade already following the first minimum deposit. One of those is the High Yield One Touch options that can bring up to 500% returns for traders. Also, AmberOptions easy to use interface is another reason traders don’t leave this broker despite very low AmberOptions minimum deposit requirements.


    One of the great features available also following the AmberOptions minimum requirement is the signals service, Signal service with AmberOptions is offered to all traders. All they need to do is register with the third party provider – AssetSignals. Asset Signals will provide high-quality binary options signals to all AmberOptions traders looking for a little help with their binary options trading returns, this way, even with a $100 AmberOptions minimum deposit, customers are happy to get the best services on the market in binary options

    AmberOptions Mobile Trading

    AmberOptions mobile accounts are another feature offered by this binary options broker. In the world where everything and everyone is getting more and more interconnected it is crucial that even binary options traders have an opportunity to run their trading careers from any place on the planet where they can get internet connection.

    Mobile trading applications are one way that most of the industry accepted as important for their business development. Binary options traders also require the freedom that they can place trades without fear the market opportunity will disappear until they get to the first internet connected PC or a laptop. When they already have their smartphones and tablets with them, they also want to be able to access their trading accounts via AmberOptions mobile service. To do this, they will use their standard AmberOptions account details and the AmberOptions mobile application or mobile web interface.

    Mobile trading is the logical continuation of the evolution of the cellular industry which started their roots with first versions of mobile Internet connections, but it wasn’t until the first iPhone was released that the industry understood the way the future will look like. The whole face touch screen smartphones enabled traders to do so much more when they are away from their computers. Now, with the free mobile binary trading applications offered by brokers trough the app stores of Apple, Google and others, they could simply download the app to their device, log in into their accounts, choose assets and start trading as nothing new happened.

    As a matter of fact, the platform provider MarketsPulse came out with the numbers recently showing that in the meantime, more than 30% of their traders binary turnover is done via mobile binary options trading platforms. This is huge since it was a success that was achieved only in one year since the inception of their mobile application.


  2. Your capital is at risk