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AionNext Broker Review

  1. Launched in 2000, AionNext began as a London based Forex brokerage, evolving into a cryptocurrency broker in 2010. AionNext offers trading in cryptocurrency pairs, currencies, commodities and CFDs, on a ‘pioneering strategic’ trading platform, and a secure Bitcoin exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Notably, the HFT automated trading system is the flagship feature at AionNext. The automated trading system produces trading signals, used for both the AionNext trading accounts and the PAMM investment accounts. AionNext is owned and operated by Gold Hestia Ltd, Alexsandar Stamboliiski Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria.

  2. Account Features

    Clients setting up a trading account with AionNext are granted a ‘test period’ up to one week according to the broker’s terms and conditions. This is dependent on a minimum initial deposit of $500 being made. Importantly, clients who cancel the account before the trial period expires, can withdraw the initial deposit. However, any profits made from trading with the initial deposit cannot be withdrawn. Similarly, if AionNext cancels the client’s account during the trial period, the client will be entitled to withdraw the initial deposit.

    AionNext Cryptocurrency Trading Account Types

    AionNext offers four types of cryptocurrency trading account all giving access to the proprietary multi-asset trading platform specialised in cryptocurrency trading and 24/5 support. Depending on the type of trading account, traders can have full access to a learning centre focused on Bitcoin trading, as well as training and support from experts at AionNext.

    AionNextStandard Account

    Traders can open a Standard account with a minimum initial deposit of $5,000. Clients get up to X1 leverage, a training session and full access to the trading platform with a platform training session. We saw that traders get market news and analysis as well as 24/5 support. Importantly, traders get a two-week trial with the High Frequency Trading (HFT) automated trading system.

    AionNext Silver Account

    A minimum initial deposit of $15,000 is required to open a Silver account at AionNext with X2 leverage. Traders not only get a training session and a platform training session, but a general account manager, trade ideas and market news. Traders also receive a cryptocurrency E-Book and 24/5 support. Notably, Silver account clients get a two-week trial with the HFT automated trading system and an HFT training session.

    AionNext Gold Account

    With a minimum opening balance of $25,000, traders get X2 leverage, a weekly training session and 1 platform training session at AionNext. We saw that Gold account clients are allocated a dedicated account manager and receive market news, analysis and trade ideas as well as a cryptocurrency E-Book. Additionally, traders get a 2-week HFT trial and an HFT training session to learn about the automated trading system at AionNext.

    AionNext VIP Account

    To set up a VIP account at AionNext requires a minimum initial deposit of $50,000. The account provides up to X3 leverage and two weekly training sessions. A dedicated account manager is available along with 24/5 support. Clients get market news and analysis, access to the education centre and a video library along with trade ideas and a cryptocurrency E-Book. Moreover, VIP accounts get free withdrawals from AionNext. Importantly, the VIP account provides traders with the HFT automated trading system as part of the package. We saw that clients receive full HFT training and a weekly HFT session.

    AionNext PAMM Investment Accounts

    AionNext offers 4 types of PAMM accounts fully managed by money managers selected by clients from a list at AionNext. The accounts require minimum investments of between $100,000 and $1 million. We saw that the PAMM investments are designed to give inexperienced investors automatic passive revenue streams without having to do anything themselves. Notably, the revenue to PAMM investors is generated by high risk or low risk strategies. We saw that the choice of strategies depends on the risk appetites of the individual investors and can lead to loss of capital if the money managers do not perform well when executing trades.

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  5. Trading Software & Assets

    We saw that the AionNext trading platform is described as multi-functional and user-friendly, offering a broad range of charting and analysis tools. The platform was developed by AionNext with a focus on cryptocurrency trading. Nevertheless, traders can choose from multiple financial instruments including currencies, commodities, indices and CFDs. The platform offers several cryptocurrency pairs, including Bitcoin, Dodgecoin, and Ethereum as well as currency crosses against the USD. Significantly, trading in crypto CFDs at AionNext, allows clients to speculate in crypto price movements, up or down, without owning the physical cryptocurrency assets.

    AionNext High Frequency Trading (HFT) Features

    AionNext uses extremely advanced technology based on complex algorithms, to best utilise the advantages of HFT automated trading systems. To do this, AionNext uses ‘Mega Computers’ to run the powerful algorithmic software that monitors and analyses digital transactions to provide daily trading signals. Indeed, AionNext claims that the daily signals generated by the HFT automated trading software have proved 87% accurate this year alone. With the HFT automated trading system, a team of experts and analysts at AionNext, provide clients with assistance in creating potentially profitable trading strategies.

    Importantly, HFT automated trading systems are used across major financial trading institutions including banks and hedge funds. The automated platforms use powerful computing capacity to scan multiple markets and exchanges in seconds. The speed of the automated trading systems allows traders to anticipate and beat emerging trends, executing large numbers of orders with potentially greater returns than retail traders in the open market.

    AionNext Commissions and Fees

    Every 6 months, a 3.25% management fee is charged on the deposits in customers’ investment accounts. Customers with trading accounts are charged a quarterly trading commission of 1.50 % of the volume traded during the three-month period. Clients selling and buying Bitcoin pay a 1.5% commission and substantial inactivity fees are charged at increasing rates, after one month of trading inactivity.

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  7. Support Information

    Traders and investors can rely on customer support 24/5 from the team at AionNext. We saw that live chat is available on the interface and a UK phone number plus an Email address are given on the contact page.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  9. Banking & Company Information

    At the time of writing this review, we saw that AionNext clients can deposit funds for cryptocurrency purchase or trading, using

    • Bitcoin,
    • Visa,
    • Mastercard and
    • bank wire transfer.

    Additionally, US customers can deposit with ACH. Withdrawal requests from AionNext are limited to one per month and must be for at least $100. Moreover, in line with AML regulations, the withdrawals are executed by the same method used to deposit. However, the processing of withdrawal requests takes 5 business days and after approval, a further 7 days for funds to be cleared for payment to personal accounts. Furthermore, withdrawals to credit cards are free of fees, whilst bank wire transfers are charged $25 by AionNext.

    AionNext Time-Period Trading Commitments

    Importantly, AionNext accounts have varying minimum time-period trading commitments, before clients can withdraw deposited funds. Minimum time period trading commitments for investments at AionNext are obligatory, because funds deposited at AionNext are traded in a global network. As multiple traders and investors are involved, funds cannot be instantly withdrawn from the investment programs offered by AionNext.

    Notably, the time period commitments depend on the type of account selected. Fully managed Bitcoin accounts (minimum deposit $250,000) are obliged to be traded actively for a minimum of one year, before the initial investment capital can be withdrawn.

    However, portions of profits can be withdrawn after 4 months of opening the fully managed bitcoin account. Withdrawals from PAMM accounts ($50,000 minimum deposit) can only take place one year after setting up the account trading program. Traders investing in the HF SemiAutoTrade program are obliged to wait 3 to 6 months from the time of the last deposit, before withdrawing funds.

  10. Conclusion:

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  11. Your capital is at risk