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24XP Withdrawal

  1. 24XP is a reputable binary options broker that tries to make the user experience of its clients as pleasant as possible. Given the fact that it is a regulated broker, people can trust that they will receive quality services. This broker constantly tries to create a trust between clients and aims to offer them all the support they need to have a good user experience. Its education tools and videos are dedicated to helping beginners understand the art of trading and learn how to make the best possible decisions when they trade.


    24XP Withdrawal Process

    24XP withdrawal is one of the most heated topics of discussion among enthusiastic binary options trading brokers, not only because of the fees, but also because of the platform’s flexibility in terms of withdrawal times and scalability. First of all, 24XP is a platform with a lot of user activity and currently stands out as a force to be reckoned with in terms of profitable binary options trading. With no reported fraud complaints to date, its withdrawal transactions are always safe and reliable. As for speed, times vary between zero and seven days, depending on several factors.

    As any other trading platform, 24XP withdrawal requires certain fees in order for the trader to withdraw their funds. Thus, those who choose to withdraw through Skrill have to pay a 2% tax, those who use a credit card have to pay a 3% fee and those who use PayPal or Neteller have to pay a 3.5% fee. For transfers make via bank wire, a €25 fee will be deducted from the total amount, which may seem like a considerable sum if you only want to transfer a small part of your earnings. However, those who wish to transfer bigger sums can consider this possibility. These are just the standard rates for initial accounts, but the platform has a special policy by which traders can upgrade their account and thus reduce fees and waiting times.

    Currently, beginner traders with the 24XP Initial XP Account have one free withdrawal for the duration of their membership and have to wait up to 7 days for the transaction to be processed. Once they upgrade to the 24XP Withdrawal Liberty XP Account, the withdrawal time decreases to 5 days and they get one free withdrawal per month. Even more convenient is the 24XP Premium XP Account, where the withdrawal time is only 3 days and no withdrawal fees apply. The best deal is for the 24XP Infinity XP Account, which again has no fees, but comes with instant transactions as a plus.

    No matter the traders’ level of experience, 24XP Withdrawal is safe, secure and user-friendly. With a flexible policy and reasonable waiting times, 24XP is in line with the most competitive websites in its field and an option that traders of all levels should take into consideration.

    Are There Any 24XP Complaints?

    Since the regulated status of this broker is valid since 1st of July 2014, traders have felt quite safe investing with 24XP. To this extent, we are happy to say that we have not registered any complaints so far with this broker, since it was added to our list. This has become a trusted broker and since people can trade with it using both their PCs and their mobiles, they can trade anytime they want and take advantage of all its offers. 24XP has a great list of assets, enabling clients to choose the one they consider best for their needs. The platform used by this broker is TechFinancials and pleases many people who are experienced with trading binary options.


    No matter what type of account users choose to open, they all receive access to first level education, as this broker tries to make sure everyone has fair access to information. The main difference education-wise between accounts is the fact that Initial account users receive 30 minutes of phone coaching every other week and the frequency of the coaching sessions increases with the type of account, reaching an unlimited amount per week for the Infinity account. With reliable banking and fast withdrawals, it is understandable why this broker has not registered any complaints and remains a popular choice among all those who want to start trading binary options for the first time.

    Is 24XP a Scam?

    This binary options broker is not a scam. 24XP takes pride in its ability to protect funds and investor information, as well as offer advantageous features and conditions for its users.

    Binary options trading has become a popular form of investment and income generator all around the world. With the growing demand for this type of services, the emergence of scams was just a matter of time and more and more traders have uncovered platforms that would accept deposits, but would not proceed with the withdrawals.

    Checking the 24XP scam rumor is only natural after taking into consideration the above-mentioned facts. This is why Fair Binary Options strives to check as many brokers as possible to give binary options traders peace of mind when trading. Our professional team has whitelisted 24XP after careful inspection. The conclusion of the scrutiny was that 24XP provides a premium experience for all its users, quick and easy withdrawal options, not to mention access to state of the art software.

    What is more, Fair Binary Options has checked all types of accounts to ensure the complete reliability of this broker. There are no complaints or negative comments to be made, not to mention that reports of 24XP scams have not yet been registered. Users have announced themselves satisfied with the platform and support services while no money withdrawal problems have emerged.

    There is no restriction when it comes to deposits depending on the account type, so traders can start by depositing the minimum sum until they are convinced of the reliability of the broker. 24XP provides multiple deposit and withdrawal options for the convenience of its users from Visa, Master Card and Maestro credit cards to Skrill, Dankort, Laser, MoneyGram and bank wire. This broker also provides a loyalty program for its veteran traders that reduce the banking costs significantly.

    All in all, 24XP scam rumors have not been confirmed; on the contrary, they got rebuffed after careful inspection.

    Is 24XP Regulated?

    Choosing a regulated binary options broker is recommended, and 24XP is one of these: a reputable broker which has received its recognition from CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This represents an institution whose aim is to supervise the investment market and check all the financial transactions from the Republic of Cyprus.


    The regulation for the CySEC works like a recommendation, and this makes 24XP a broker you would want to collaborate with, as compared to its competitors. This broker is actually offering a safe investment environment, providing various types of binary options accounts, from which you are free to choose the one that suits you best.

    Due to the qualitative services and performing assets, this broker has managed to create a pool of loyal clients, who are constantly trading and have never experienced any inconvenient during their activity. Avoid scams and start your trading experience by collaborating with this regulated broker.

    What is the 24XP Minimum Deposit?

    24XP offers traders the chance to start trading binary options with a relatively small deposit, namely 250 EUR, USD or whatever else they want to choose from its options. This minimum amount only applies for credit cards and electronic payments. Those who want to transfer money will need to transfer at least 1000 units of the preferred currency. This policy has been created to make things as comfortable as possible for users and enable them to trade as they wish, without having to make a financial effort only to deposit the minimum amount.

    Once clients have chosen a currency to trade with when they opened their account, they will no longer be able to change it. The minimum deposit of 250 units is only valid for those who choose the smallest type of account. For the Liberty Account they will have to deposit a minimum of 1000 units, the Premium Account requires 10 000 units while the Infinity Account 50 000 units. Of course, all deposits can be changed at any time the broker would consider, but as for now these are the amounts required. This broker also has a maximum deposit limit for its users as it follows: daily limit 10 000 $ / € / £ / ¥ and monthly limit 40 000 $ / € / £ / ¥.

    Once users have created an account on 24XP, they will be directed towards the deposit area where they can introduce their details. This broker accepts a wide variety of Credit and Debit Cards as well as payments through CashU, Skrill and other methods so clients can rest assured that they will be able to make their deposit through the method they find more comfortable. 24XP offers many tutorials and quality information about binary options, so anyone has the chance to understand the main ideas of this activity.

    24XP also provides a demo account that new traders can use to gain some experience in this field and be certain that they will make the right decisions. For those who have any questions regarding the deposit method, 24XP offers them full support through the live chat available on the website that they can use to speak directly with a representative who will help them every step of the way.

  2. Your capital is at risk

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