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24XP Bonus

  1. The world of binary options has welcomed the introduction of 24XP, a highly demanded broker which has been registered with CySEC and gained its regulated status in 2014. The infusion of reliability this broker brings to the market is a direct result of its trustworthiness and professional approach which traders haven’t failed to notice. As a matter of fact, 24XP stands out amongst its competitors due to its enhanced customer satisfaction and improved user experience.


    Bonus Opportunities

    Registered by CySEC, 24XP is the source of many promotional offers and distinctive accounts which users can choose from. With multiple special features setting it apart from similar but not equivalent systems, such as the safety of the investing procedure and diversity of choices, 24XP can easily be considered a premium representative of the binary options trading sphere.

    The 24XP Bonus is strictly connected with the type of account chosen by the trader. Account type depends on the initial deposit and delivers distinctive features which should be studied thoroughly before entering the system for the first time. This research into the perks and offer provided by 24XP is recommended since every account is different not only in terms of deposits and user experience but also when it comes to the bonuses later on.

    The trading scope of each individual, as well as the returns hoped for, should each be analyzed in-depth so that they can lead the trader to the most suitable choice for account possible in his or her case. From then on, calculating the bonus amount is easy and fast. It should be noted here that there is no superior limit to the bonus quantity and that the revenue from this source can increase without restraining if the conditions are favorable.

    Another worthy to be mentioned aspect is the fact that 24XP puts forward promotional offers which include, amongst others, a welcome bonus of a substantial amount. For the minimum deposit, in this case, $250, there is a 10% welcome bonus and this percentage grows for the following types of users, like this: the Liberty XP Account starting from €1000 results in a 24% additional benefit for the trader, the Premium XP Account which begins at €10,000 is coupled with a 50% welcoming bonus and last, but not least, the Infinity XP Account which can is located anywhere beyond a €50,000 deposit, the entrance bonus amount is customized for each individual trader using the system.

    24XP Demo Account

    Unlike many, 24XP still gives the opportunity to open a free demo account. Signing up is very easy and there are several key benefits involved, including, but not limited to security. With a 24XP demo account, traders can first get used to the user interface and user experience on the website. Binary options trading strategies may be similar, but the platform you use matters a lot as well and it is a matter of personal preference, which is why you should try it out before committing to it.

    While it is possible for someone without any financial experience whatsoever to earn money by trading, the perfect strategy does require practice. For those who traded before, this trial is an excellent way to get accustomed to the environment and the overall experience.

    Unlike other websites, 24XP does not impose limitations on their features. It allows the same actions that one would make normally, but with virtual money and for a limited period of time.


    24XP Login

    To better understand the 24XP Login process and its significance for future trading, first take a look at the system and possibilities it offers. Since it is under strict regulation, the safety of the investments is at its maximum levels and security concerns can be left aside so the decision to start an account should be straightforward.

    24XP provides a wide array of choices for its users, which depend on the particular scope of the trading process or any form of personal preferences. As a general rule, all accounts give users unlimited access to the market reviews issued by the broker and its dedicated platform.

    Available account types are

    •    Initial XP Account which can be started by means of an initial deposit of only €250

    •    Liberty XP starting at €1000

    •    Premium XP which begins at €10,000

    •    Infinity XP from €50,000 up

    As part of the promotional offers, traders can get a substantial welcome bonus and 3 sizes of credits, for a short, medium and long-term solutions.

    After the preferred choice is final, the trader can begin creating the account.  In this sense, 24XP stands out again by providing users the possibility to start an Islamic account if they should wish so. The setting up process in itself is brief and a limited number of personal information is required.

    24XP Mobile Trading

    As powerful financial tools, binary options offer high profitability and low risks, not to mention fast returns. To trade binary options, the use of a broker as an intermediary is mandatory. 24XP mobile trading makes trading possible from anywhere!

    Considering the fact that the duration of a trade can take no more than thirty seconds, never exceeding a couple of days, those trading with binary options need to have access to their accounts 24/7 to ensure they will not miss any trade.  The application 24XP mobile trading uses is extremely advanced and provides unlimited access, easy deposits and withdrawals and an intuitive interface.


    Installing the 24XP Mobile Trading application is easy and fast. After choosing the mobile device you plan to use, you need to access the Apple, Windows or Play Store, depending on the operating system your device uses, and search for 24 XP.  Download the app and open it and after inserting your account details, you can start mobile trading. The application offers maximum responsiveness and accuracy, allowing you to complete any task from your smartphone or table you would normally complete from your computer. The 24XP mobile app was designed to be user-friendly and highly responsive. Irrespective of the type, model or brand of the gadget you might use, the application will run smoothly giving you full access to your trading account provided that you have Internet access.

    What sets the 24XP Mobile Trading solution from other similar instruments is the fact that it was designed with the user in mind. What is more, the application is ideal for experienced traders and beginners alike, because of the easy to understand features and commands.

    24XP USA

    Binary options trading represents a permissive manner in which everyone, regardless the level of experience, can trade and increase their profits. However, taking into consideration some recently introduced laws in the United States, things have changed in the binary options world. This means that offshore brokers, such as 24XP, cannot accept US traders from now on. Due to the modifications from the American legal system, 24XP can no longer collaborate with traders from the US. These will have to find alternative solutions in case they want to continue their activity in the field of binary options, because many foreign platforms will not accept them. The best choice seems to be creating an account on a local platform, but this is rather a drawback for them, since 24XP is a professional broker which offers all its stakeholders qualitative trading experiences.  So, there is no 24XP USA account that traders can use.

    Immediately after these new laws have been introduced, more and more US traders have started to question whether the offshore brokers are actually reputable and legal, and the answer is positive: yes, they are! Even with 24XP USA neglecting, they are still a legit and reliable option in case you want to start your trading experience, even if the national laws from the US have constraint it to deny some traders.

    To be more specific, things are really simple: the brokers can continue with their activity in accordance to the law, because there are no regulations stating that they are illegal, neither in the federal nor the state law. Of course, 24XP is continuing with their activity, providing clients with the best trading experiences and one of the most performing platforms on the market.

    All in all, there should be no doubt related to the legitimacy of 24XP. The fact that they do not accept US traders is only due to the national laws related to offshore brokers, who cannot collaborate with local clients, even if these ones are allowed to use any service they want. Since regulations related to offshore brokers are so strict in the United States, this broker is currently focusing on European clients, offering them high-quality services.

  2. Your capital is at risk

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