Possible turning point for the dollar

Consolidation in Asia brings new opportunities

The Asian session saw nothing but consolidation and it is quite funny how silent the Asian sessions are. The USDJPY moving in less than 30 pips range the other day while this Asian session saw less than 20 pips moves. This brings into discussion the most common consolidation pattern, namely the contracting triangle and this… Read more

Still bullish usdjpy as it should break higher

The title of this article says it all in the sense that I am still bullish on the USDJPY pair but the bullishness is coming for a short period of time. The pair is walking on a thin ice in the sense that after the 122 level the intention is to but put options. However,… Read more

Mixed picture on the overall trading dashboard

Today’s trades are from the same area as I really didn’t like the usdcad and gbpcad moves lower yesterday after Bank of Canada. While gbpcad is not offered by many brokers, the usdcad is offered by all and I traded call options on the pair with end of day expiration date. Same expiration date for… Read more

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