How to Add Volatility Index on MT5 on Deriv and

How to Add Volatility Index on MT5 on Deriv and

Leading binary options broker Deriv Review have recently introduced a new feature on their website; High-Frequency Volatility Indices (HF Volatility) that run on four times the frequency of their current Volatility Indices.   If this sounds like a mouthful to take in, don’t let complicated terminology intimidate you. To break it down, this new feature… Read more

Romanian Authorities Arrest 10 Binary Frauds

Romanian authorities informed the public that they arrested 10 individuals involved in binary options and forex scams during the month of May. Due to Romanian laws, the identity of the arrested remains unknown. According to the Romanian police, the arrests are the result of a long investigation with special forces and 55 searches all over… Read more

Binary Options Brokers Fake License and Data Scams

When an industry is growing as big as the binary industry is, it is unfortunately very common that scams occur. Nowadays scammers are relying on the innovative tactic of faking the fact that they have a license when they don’t. Regulators Facing Many Challenges Just recently IFSC, the regulatory body in Belize, warned about a… Read more

NADEX released new iPhone App Update

North American Derivatives Exchange released new and updated iPhone app for binary options trading. Compared to the previous version, 5.0.5 is enabling traders even better binary trading service. Thanks to this upgrade, traders can now upload all application documents directly from the app by using their cameras. Also, overall user experience has been significantly improved… Read more