US Stocks Increase to Record (Once Again)

US Stocks Increase to Record (Once Again)

US stocks gained again yesterday. Industrials were followed by commodity producers taking S&P 500 to an all time high as the ADP jobs report is expected to show 200K gains and the official government report is due on Friday. Job market is in a clear upswing, spending is soaring, firms are controlling costs and boosting… Read more

Asian Stocks Lower

South Korean manufacturing sector was the main driver of losses for the Asian stocks excluding Japan as the low sales and profit reports by major chaebols caused overall indices to slide. Japanese stocks were upbeat, expecting announcement of the new cabinet. Yen dropped as expectations mounted that Japan will change rules for its government pension… Read more

S&P 500 Lower On Ukraine

Oil prices spike sent S&P 500 lower after the news broke that government troops attacked Russian humanitarian aid convoy. Oil prices saw the biggest price increase in four weeks as geopolitics overweighted the demand issues and oversupply. The price rise after weeks of declines has boosted energy stocks. Oil and natural gas industry group in… Read more

Identify a Crash and Act on It

Ok, now, pretty much everyone is clear with the “fact” stocks have reached a plateau and subsequent gains will be hard to read and returns will be volatile as the indices fight trough various headlines and risks stemming from the political side of the economy. Last week was one of the worst with equities falling… Read more

US Stocks Regain Some Lost Ground

Stocks listed in the United States rose today as the S&P 500 rebounded from the biggest weekly loss in two years. The US stocks were boosted by the positive news coming from Portugal, where the Bank of Portugal took control of the Espirito Santo bank finally ending the weeks long uncertainty about the country’s biggest… Read more

European Stocks Just Keep Falling

Stocks in Europe continued to fall for the fourth day as the earnings season progresses with a slew of bad news and uncertainty revolving around the Argentinean default is shifting the risk concern of the investors into the next gear. Even with the bailout of Espirito Santo in Portugal, crisis mode persists sending indices lower…. Read more

European Stocks in the Red over Earnings

European stocks shrugged off the positive data coming from the United States and finished the day lower as many companies reported worse than expected results for the quarter. Bad news dragged the indices down even as the Commerce Department showed US economy making up for the first quarter drop. Schneider Electric and Holcim Ltd reported… Read more

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