EURUSD Has Broken 1.0900

EURUSD Has Broken 1.0900

Free Signal Alert for EURUSD 2015/07/16 EURUSD fell despite positive news from Athens. This morning it was announced that Greek parliament approved the program of assistance from Eurozone. Investors welcomed the fact that such a large number of votes in the parliament has given in support of the deal. ECB Not to Change Credit Limit for Greece… Read more

Labor Market Report Lowered GBPUSD

Free Signal Alert for GBPUSD 2015/07/15 GBPUSD continued to rise on support from the comments of the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney about the growth of the probability of a rate hike in the near future. Besides, he added: “In the next 3 years, I do not foresee a scenario in which rates could reach historic… Read more

GBP Rebounded Slightly

Free Signal Alert for GBPUSD 2015/07/09 GBPUSD rose slightly in anticipation of the publication of the decisions of the Bank of England’s monetary policy today’s meeting. Some investors expected that central bank will begin to slowly increase the cost of borrowing in mid-2016. Leaders of the Bank of England predicts that policy tightening will be slow and gradual…. Read more

GBP Is Waiting for Election Results

GBPJPY was trading without a significant change in the run-up to today’s vote in the country. Despite the intense discussion during the election campaign in the United Kingdom issues such as immigration, tax proposals on the part of the Labour Party and the possibility of holding a referendum on EU membership, the general course of economic policy… Read more

GBP Rises Amid Last BoE Meeting Minutes Release

Free Signal Alert for GBPUSD 2015/04/22 On Wednesday, sterling strengthened after the publication of April meeting protocol of the Bank of England, which showed that officials strengthened the opinion that inflation could rebound in 2015. GBPUSD pair rose to 1.5010 from 1.4940 a day before publication. Minutes of the last political meeting of Monetary Policy Committee… Read more

Report from UK did not support the pound

Free signal alert for GBPUSD 2015/03/12 Yesterday’s data made it clear that industrial production and manufacturing industries in the UK went into negative territory, which added negativity to British pound, which during yesterday fell against the US dollar to the level of 1.4895, updating new lows. Evaluation of GDP growth, not by reaching the forecast… Read more

Pound falls against dollar

The single currency continues to be under pressure against the background of the situation in Greece, where a new government agreement with the European creditors have already provoked protest movement in the country. In addition, the previously announced asset purchase program begin soon by the European Central Bank’s, which is also a strong argument in favor… Read more

USD is still in demand

Free signal alert for GBPUSD 2015/02/20 For obvious reasons, Greece is ready to apply for an extension of financial assistance program from European creditors, and its government insists on the rejection of austerity measures, which are the prerequisite for granting loans. A compromise is still possible and EUR may be supported, but it is doubtful… Read more

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