FBO BookClub/ Tyler Cowen: Great Stagnation

China’s Helping Hand Might Be what the Ruble Needs

China is partnering again with Russia, this time, as a good neighbor as the Siberian giant suffers under sanctions, falling oil prices, rising inflation and the depreciating currency. Central Bank Of Russia hiked the interest rate so above everything the credit flow is also expected to freeze at the moment. Premier Li Keying announced the… Read more

Greece in the Spotlight Again

Yesterdays vote in the Greek Parliament wasn’t a good sign for greek bond investors. After for a year or so the situation in the country took a calmer ride, the new political instability that might emerge from early elections promises many new surprises. For once, the biggest threat once again comes from the neb-marxist Syriza… Read more

Japan GDP Even Lower, Investment Disappoints

Newest data coming from Japan shows the third quarter GDP fall was, even more, substantial than previously thought. The revised numbers show deepening in the GDP fall that was lead by subdued activity by businesses. The investment component declined and signaling the corporate sector was still wary after the increase in the sales tax rate… Read more

US Keeps Payroll Growth Above 200K in November

Excellent job growth numbers keep coming out of the US. Almost the whole year saw average job creation at 200K a month or more. Labor market is healing from one of the worst slumps in a century. After the unemployment hit double digit in 2009 and the consecutive tries by the Fed to move inflation… Read more

Euro QE Questions Remain as the ECB Meets Today

ECB governing council is expected to have a serious discussion on the future of euro zone nominal economy as the Council is divided between southern states which ask for an action seeing deflation arising and northern ones which despite dismal performance continue to cling on the structural reform + tight money policy. German led pack… Read more

Japan Inc Finally Boosts Investment

Now, there is a good news coming out of Japan for some time now. After devastating news on the Q3 GDP that showed the country entering another technical recession, the business sector seems to be ready to invest into the country even with consumers feeling pinched of the rapid price rises and tax hike. This… Read more

Can EU Investment Plan Boost the Economy

The new EU Commissioner, Jean-Claude Juncker kicked off his presidency with a new plan to boost the investment across the EU as the stagnating economy and record jobless rate hit every day lives of millions of Europeans. The package contains bank guarantees for projects worth up to $392 billion. The Commission expects the new package… Read more

PBoC Expands Liquidity to Shore up Growth

Chinese authorities are figuring out that the rout in growth is a persistent force driving the rates of GDP growth lower so their reliance on fiscal stimulus wont be enough even as the financial imbalances accumulate. The first step was to tighten liquidity in order to create a more sound financial system, but now as… Read more

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