EUR Will Decline Despite the Good Data

EUR Will Decline Despite the Good Data

Free Signal Alert for EURUSD 2015/11/23 EURUSD fell and continued to trade near 7-month low amid expectations of quantitative easing program expanding by the ECB after Friday’s speech of the central bank chairman Mario Draghi. Speaking at Frankfurt Banking Congress, Draghi said that at the December meeting, the regulator will assess the sustainability of the factors… Read more

Attempts of EURUSD Retracing Continued to Attract Sellers

Free Signal Alert for EURUSD 2015/11/18 EURUSD failed back above the previously breached short-term support line and pair is now storming the bids at 1.0650, feeling increased pressure. Fresh drivers for the pair are not expected, given the sparse economic calendar, but the technical picture remains favorable for the bears and a break below 1.0650 could… Read more

Traders Believe in US Dollar, but It Overbought

Free Signal Alert for EURUSD 2015/11/17 EURUSD again fell against the background of ECB President Draghi that current QE program will be reviewed at the December meeting. Recall, ECB aims to maintain inflation at around 2% a year. According to the median forecast of economists compiled by The Wall Street Journal, the index of economic expectations ZEW, which… Read more

Rates Differential Is More Than Enough for EURUSD Parity

Free Signal Alert for EURUSD 2015/11/13 EURUSD traded lower in anticipation of today’s publication of GDP data for Eurozone. Recall in the second quarter, real GDP of Eurozone increased by 0.4%, which was enough to return the annual rate of increase to 1.5%. The main support for the economy provided by consumer spending and net exports, which helped… Read more

Traders Took a Break to Look Around

Free Signal Alert for EURUSD 2015/11/09 EURUSD rose slightly adjusted after Friday’s crash, which was caused by the publication of employment data in the United States. Recall, the US Labor Department reported that the US economy in October created far more jobs than expected. The level of employment increased by 271 thousand against the forecast of 180 thousand. The… Read more

It Seems that EUR Cannot Grow Higher

Free Signal Alert for EURUSD 2015/11/05 EURUSD rose slightly, correcting after yesterday’s fall. Yesterday’s clear comments from Fed Chairman Janet Yellen about the possibility of raising interest rates in December due to the improvement of the US economy and the labor market have pushed the US dollar to rise against other major currencies, particularly against the euro. The… Read more

EUR Decline May Accelerate in the Case of Strong Data from the US

Free Signal Alert for EURUSD 2015/11/04 EURUSD fell in anticipation of further measures to stimulate the economy and inflation from the ECB. Along with this, expectations of Fed rate hike in December are growing. Many experts point out, the further rise of EUR is limited. According to the chief economist of Berenberg Holger Schmieding, given the current rate of… Read more

EURUSD Is in Anticipation of the Most Important Events of the Week

Free Signal Alert for EURUSD 2015/11/03 EURUSD traded without significant changes in anticipation of statements of officials from the European Union, United Kingdom and the United States. British Finance Minister George Osborne will tell European leaders today about the requirements of his country in the renegotiation of EU membership. EURUSD Will Remain Under Pressure in Medium Term… Read more

AUD Fell After the Inflation Data Release

Free Signal Alert for AUDUSD 2015/10/28 AUDUSD fell amid a sharp decline in commodity prices. Also Australian currency has been impacted by Consumer Price Index data released today in Australia, which were worse than expected. As it became known, the consumer price index published by the RBA and re-published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the third… Read more

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