Belgium Bans Binary Options Bitcoin Trading

Belgium Bans Binary Options Bitcoin Trading

[updated April 2016] Is Bitcoin Dead? Bitcoin has been a subject of controversy since the very beginning, and now, according to Yahoo, not even financial specialists are hesitating to say so. Mike Hearn, a famous bitcoin developer, stated how the entire project regarding this cryptocurrency has failed, and how the technical collapse is inevitable. Taavet… Read more

Medium term trades today

I started the day (or ending the month) looking forward in time as new options are available for end of June now and I am really interested in that expiration date because of the June Fed meeting. Therefore, I looked at the bigger picture, namely charts from the daily time frame and I traded put… Read more

Euro Stocks Higher on Fed, SNB

European stocks advanced on the dovish tones coming from the Fed and SNB which both expressed reluctance to tighten monetary policy in the near future. Fed chairwoman Yellen said the Federal Reserve Board will take time before raising rates in a step that was more dovish than expected by the market. As the ECB sends… Read more

Can EU Investment Plan Boost the Economy

The new EU Commissioner, Jean-Claude Juncker kicked off his presidency with a new plan to boost the investment across the EU as the stagnating economy and record jobless rate hit every day lives of millions of Europeans. The package contains bank guarantees for projects worth up to $392 billion. The Commission expects the new package… Read more

DAX Rises on German Jobless-rate

European stocks rallied after German data shown unemployment staying at the lowest level since the reunifications. DAX Index, the benchmark of German economy increased after the federal statistics office announced the numbers. Other European equities followed. In a good news is bad news world we live, this may be seen as a delay in ECB… Read more

European Stocks End Win Streak

Stocks in Europe declined for the first time following the positive trading week that was fueled by the statements of the Fed chairwomen Yellen. She still sees considerable slack in the labor market in the US which means the monetary policy will remain accommodative. More than 40% of investors in Bloomberg’s global poll said they… Read more

Pound Drops on Weaker Inflation

Central bank reaction function assumptions are driving the decline in Pound Sterling. The inflation dynamics is pointing to lower and not higher price increases across the board leaving more room for the Bank of England to hold rates low. Big part of gains that GBP saw since 2013 was due to expectations of interest rate… Read more

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