Global Markets in the Morning

Global Markets in the Morning

Global stocks just keep advancing following a rally empowered by the Fed last week. Ruble regained some of the lost ground after the last weeks collapse. Yen continued to depreciate and German 2 year bunds advanced further capping the yield to record lows. MSCI All country Index advanced 0.4 percent this morning in London while… Read more

US Stocks Increase to Record (Once Again)

US stocks gained again yesterday. Industrials were followed by commodity producers taking S&P 500 to an all time high as the ADP jobs report is expected to show 200K gains and the official government report is due on Friday. Job market is in a clear upswing, spending is soaring, firms are controlling costs and boosting… Read more

Asian Stocks Lower

South Korean manufacturing sector was the main driver of losses for the Asian stocks excluding Japan as the low sales and profit reports by major chaebols caused overall indices to slide. Japanese stocks were upbeat, expecting announcement of the new cabinet. Yen dropped as expectations mounted that Japan will change rules for its government pension… Read more

S&P Touches 2000 Briefly

S&P 500 rose briefly over 2000 points during the session today. The index was boosted by mergers and acquisitions activity as well as with the news from Europe that bad economic data may drive European Central Bank to start anew round of stimulus know as quantitative easing. This was the first time S&P 500 breached… Read more

European Stocks End Win Streak

Stocks in Europe declined for the first time following the positive trading week that was fueled by the statements of the Fed chairwomen Yellen. She still sees considerable slack in the labor market in the US which means the monetary policy will remain accommodative. More than 40% of investors in Bloomberg’s global poll said they… Read more

S&P 500 Lower On Ukraine

Oil prices spike sent S&P 500 lower after the news broke that government troops attacked Russian humanitarian aid convoy. Oil prices saw the biggest price increase in four weeks as geopolitics overweighted the demand issues and oversupply. The price rise after weeks of declines has boosted energy stocks. Oil and natural gas industry group in… Read more

European Stocks Erase 2014 Advance

European indices finished the session lower due to the second wave of Russia sanctions that are bound to hit the economy as Russian troops are mounting along the Ukrainian border. There is sense that NATO will do nothing to prevent that Putin takes the whole country. German factory orders tumbled on the uncertainties sending stocks… Read more

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