Risks of USDJPY Falling Are Still Here

Support for Greece by the ECB Encourages EUR

The yen strengthened a bit after today’s publication of macroeconomic statistics. According to data published, Japan for the first time in nearly three years has released the monthly trade balance with surplus. Exports increased by 8.5%, while imports decreased by 14.5% compared to the previous financial year. Recall, the trade balance turned negative in Japan after the earthquake,… Read more

GBP Rises Amid Last BoE Meeting Minutes Release

Free Signal Alert for GBPUSD 2015/04/22 On Wednesday, sterling strengthened after the publication of April meeting protocol of the Bank of England, which showed that officials strengthened the opinion that inflation could rebound in 2015. GBPUSD pair rose to 1.5010 from 1.4940 a day before publication. Minutes of the last political meeting of Monetary Policy Committee… Read more

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