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China’s Helping Hand Might Be what the Ruble Needs

China is partnering again with Russia, this time, as a good neighbor as the Siberian giant suffers under sanctions, falling oil prices, rising inflation and the depreciating currency. Central Bank Of Russia hiked the interest rate so above everything the credit flow is also expected to freeze at the moment. Premier Li Keying announced the… Read more

Greece in the Spotlight Again

Yesterdays vote in the Greek Parliament wasn’t a good sign for greek bond investors. After for a year or so the situation in the country took a calmer ride, the new political instability that might emerge from early elections promises many new surprises. For once, the biggest threat once again comes from the neb-marxist Syriza… Read more

Euro Stocks Higher on Fed, SNB

European stocks advanced on the dovish tones coming from the Fed and SNB which both expressed reluctance to tighten monetary policy in the near future. Fed chairwoman Yellen said the Federal Reserve Board will take time before raising rates in a step that was more dovish than expected by the market. As the ECB sends… Read more

OptionFair Christmas Presents

For this holiday season, long term FBO partner OptionFair is updating their already attractive loyalty programs with a special Christmas package that includes wider array of educational possibilities, signals and a Tradosignals app. If ever was a time to sign up with OptionFair it is now since all these additional features are part of this… Read more

uBinary Christmas Goodie Bag

uBinary is a long time Fair Binary Options partner. Their amazing service is described in uBinary review. There are many reasons for new traders to join in and trade binary options with this broker, but this time we want to focus on the Christmas promotion uBinary is offering to new traders who sign up with… Read more

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