JPM Outlook 2014 – May US Update

JPM Outlook 2014 – May US Update

J.P Morgan Asset Management team updated their US outlook for 2014. The main question is “should you still invest in US stocks?” FairBinaryOptions is bringing you the answer, just read on. Other topics as the next year’s probable key policy rate hike, Japan and the Emerging Markets are also covered. JP Morgan starts by acknowledging… Read more

US Stocks Recap

It was a busy trading day on US exchanges as the indices reached for new highs despite bad consumer spending data. Inconclusive data presented investors with backward or forward looking focus. Traders chose the latter letting the major stock indices climb. Small caps were not so succesfull and fell in today’s trading session. Consumer and… Read more

US Stocks Gain Amid GDP Fall

US stocks gained today amid worse than expected data on the growth of GDP in the first quarter. The measure worsened from the first estimate, but investor shrugged off the news and kept buying. The measure of demand was solid so traders saw it as indicators that next quarters should be a blowout after the… Read more

Apple Buys Beats

Last night Apple announced it will buy Beats Electronic LLC for $3 billion. This is the biggest acquisition by Apple where Tim Cook finally activated just a small portion of its $150 billion cash reserves. With the company Apple will get the successful headphones business and Beats streaming service, as a complement to Apple’s Mac, iPhone, iPad… Read more

WTI Falls on Supply

WTI crude (West Texas Intermediate) oil is falling as analysts forecast rising supply. Strong dollar is also affecting the price as lower Euro lower oil’s investment appeal. As WTI fell Brent held the price as tensions in Ukraine affected the outlook. Analysts still see the price as high as the oil supply is plentiful. The… Read more

GBPUSD uptrend threatened

Free signal alert for GBPUSD 2014/05/28 Euro positions in light of inflationary pressures and weak position of the ECB remains fragile. Rlections to the European Parliament fanned the flames: European integration supporters this time can be obtained only 468 seats against 553 seats in 2009. This will further complicate the process of decision-making in Brussels. The… Read more

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