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European Stocks Lower

European equities didn’t react strongly to the incoming manufacturing data this morning. The major indices moved sideways as the Chinese manufacturing data was followed by the European PMIs that surprised on the upside. US futures were also little changed. Chinese manufacturing data signaled weakening economy. The premier minister Li Kiang will take a hard look… Read more

WTI falls on China

WTI crude oil fell towards a two week low this week on the negative Chinese PMI figure that signaled country’s manufacturing sector may be slowing down and will prompt reaction from the authorities. As one of the worlds biggest consumers, a drop in demand in china is depressing prices along with the uncertainties arising from… Read more

Deflationary Riksbank defies Krugman

The Nobel laureate in economics, Paul Krugman, attacked Riksbank focus on financial stability that brought tighter monetary policy in Sweden. The scandinavian country is experiencing deflation since March and the calls for monetary easing are getting louder as the measures didn’t reduce the debt to income ratio, but probably worsened it. Riksbank focus on surging… Read more

ECB Weights Inflation Prospects

Incoming business confidence and PMI data may shed some light on the possible negative shocks from Ukraine to inflation in the euro area in the coming months as the ECB looks for clues for the possible deflation scenario. The central bank may need to broaden unconventional measures to combat low inflation. Tomorrow’s PMI data may… Read more

US Stocks Rise, Home Prices Increase Modestly

United States stock markets opened higher today as important earning signals continue to surprise on the upside and the acquisition talks at Allergan Inc continued to bring out more information about the $45.7 billion deal. Harley Davidson and Netflix Inc topped estimates as the higher growth leads expectations of better corporate profits. Netflix posted earnings… Read more

European Stocks Up

European equities were higher today as the global deals spurred a rally in pharmaceutical makers’ stocks. As the Ukraine tensions seemed relieved with the multilateral accord on the crisis. Russian stocks extended the decline while commodity prices rose. The Australian dollar was one of the gainers in the currency markets. Pharma industry is consolidating efforts… Read more

UK data indicates growth of the economy

Free signal alert for GBPUSD 2014/04/22 Monday, seemingly began rather quietly, but thin trading led to sharp and unpredictable fluctuations of the euro at the end of the trading day. As a result, EURUSD to close the day came to an area of ​​1.3790 and GBPUSD – to 1.6795. GBPUSD was able to strengthen slightly,… Read more

April newbies from OptionFair

OptionFair is one of Fair Binary Option’s recommended brokers. In our review we highlighted a great banking service, innovative products and a responsive customer care. As all FBO brokers, OptionFair offers excellent quality in all categories and is a legit business trying hard to enable best binary options trading experience. The key to being a… Read more

GBPUSD looks bearish at these levels – buying put options

Cable looks bearish at current levels and even if Bank of England is coming setting up the monetary policy for the next month, I would still like to buy put options and the expiration date is to be found on the recording above. The trend line that you are seeing on the daily chart in… Read more

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