Investor Expects a 25% Drop in Equities

Investor Expects a 25% Drop in Equities

A founder of the private equity firm Jordan Company issued a warning on the CNBC’s SquawkBox. Jay Jordan believes the asset prices are far higher from their fundamental value and that a drop in equity values can be expected. The, from Jordan expected, slump would erase more than the quarter of the current market value… Read more

S&P 500 Ends Q1 Higher

S&P 500 managed to regain some of the lost ground and may end the quarter in positive territory. This is the fifth consecutive quarter of gains, albeit somewhat lower growth than before in Q1 2014 as the geopolitical factors and emerging markets swings caused a stagnating and volatile quarter for traders. Stocks were untouched in… Read more

Risks to the Global Growth Persist (part 3)

The Crimean crisis and the state of the BRICS economies is the worrying factor when it comes to the health of the world’s economy. While the developed world will add to global growth more than the emerging markets first time after a decade, the global economy is much more interconnected than eve before and geopolitical… Read more

Euro Periphery Yields Drop to 2005 Levels

The Italian yields dropped to the lowest levels since 2005 last week, along with other periphery yields. Deflation threat is spurring bets that the ECB will start a round of stimulus other than the key interest rate that is at the lowest levels tight now. As deflation threat looms, the bonds are starting to price… Read more

Japan Prepares For the Tax Hike

Japan still must rely on government stimulus as the sales tax hike looms. It may be a bit paradoxical, as the government of the prime minister Shinzo Abe plans to offset negative effects of a measure that should ensure long run sustainability of Japans massive debt pile, by piling more debt by expanding government spending…. Read more

Risks to the Global Growth Persist (part 2)

A negative turn of events in Ukraine could derail European recovery and send a shockwave across the european economy, but when one looks at the valuations of European equities, there is a sense that the risks are heavily discounted. Also a substantial economic slowdown in Russia could affect European companies that rely on Russia for… Read more

Risks to the Global Growth Persist (part 1)

World seems to be on a good path in terms of global growth prospects. IMF projects faster growth as well as some of the popular investors such as Mohamed El Erian, or Joachim Fels of Morgan Stanley. They all see a more dynamic growth in 2014 for the global economy. However, there are tail risks… Read more

Binary Options Russia

Binary Options Trading in Russia Russia is one of the quickest growing markets in the area of binary options trading. Several brokers, such as Banc de Binary and StockPair, are aware of the strength the country has in terms of its economy and considered to have their platforms in Russian language, making it easier for… Read more

Weidman Restarts QE Speculation

ECB is starting to awaken to the fact that it is not even near of fulfilling its mandate of near 2% inflation, or is it? The single currency area has been experiencing slow inflation for some time now. In the middle of 2013 the prices started falling further, under the 1%. Halfway to ECBs goal…. Read more

US Q4 Growth Revised Higher

The revision of the United States Gross Domestic Product numbers for the fourth quarter of 2013 brought some good news as the economy expanded faster than thought in the first and second projection on the consumer demand. This shows that 2014 Q1 weakness in data is mostly due to bad weather. GDP grew at 2.6… Read more

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