European Economic Confidence Improves

European Economic Confidence Improves

Watching at Euro stocks rise during 2013 wasn’t easy as the double dip recession ruled the lands. The end of 2013 brought a minus in the output numbers even after the bottom was reached in the summer of the year. Subsequent growth in Q3 and Q4 was positive but not enough to mark a whole… Read more

German Labour Market Strengthens

German economy is benefiting from the euro-area recovery. Following positive Q4 GDP results, coupled with a rise in IFO business climate index, both which were unexpected, the February unemployment numbers came in today, showing that the brighter picture is a continuation of a trend from the end of 2013. German unemployment fell for the third… Read more

US Stocks Rally on New Home Sales

US stocks rose further as home sales data and positive company news boosted stocks above their previous record highs. Retailers rallied and utilities  were lower. From the fundamental side, it seems that Janet Yellen’s words on the recovery pace were heard and understood by the market. Fed lowering purchases didn’t stop markets from recovering after… Read more

China’s Money Markets Swing

China risks are starting to materialize as money markets are feeling extended stress again. Indeterminacy of PBOC monetary policy is one of the factors. Focus on the widening of the exchange rate corridor is swinging the yuan value, as money markets signal credit crunch conditions for the third time since summer 2013. Markets aren’t sure… Read more

US Stocks Shrug off the Cold Weather

US stocks had another record breaking day after rising energy companies profits, along with a solid earning season overall lifted stocks. Equities ignored somewhat disappointing economy data and continued to inch higher. Cold weather may prove to be a culprit for the lower job reports and manufacturing indexes that market the start of 2014. US… Read more

GBPUSD is under pressure

Free signal alert for GBPUSD 2014/02/24 GBPUSD made ​​an attempt to build the success of the previous week, but to no avail. Noting the highest point at 1.6820, prices headed down, reaching 1.6635 at the close. But there were reasons for the drop of the pound. The data on the consumer price index was the first… Read more

Germany: IFO index Unexpectedly Climbs

Germany’s IFO Institute published its IFO Business climate index today. The survey of over 7000 managers in german economy unexpectedly rose as managers perceive better economic outlook. The index hit highest level in 2 1/2 years signaling that the recovery in Europe is gaining strength. Germany was the key economy that drove the recovery in… Read more

Weekly Reports Outlook

This week may give us more insight into what is happening in the emerging markets. It may be a bumpy ride, read on to see what the market expects. All times are GMT.   Monday, Feb. 24. 1:30 – China: January Property Prices 9:00 – Germany: IFO Business Climate for February, exp. 110.5 Current Assessment,… Read more

Europe Higher on Ukraine Resolution

European stocks mostly closed higher Friday. Ukraine deal was a major catalyst. The opposition signed a deal with the current president Victor Yanukovych effectively ending the stressful months of blockade of the main Kiev square – called Maidan in the wake of the so called Ukrainian revolution. Protesters gave ground for a short period of… Read more

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