US Stock-Index Futures Rise on Facebook

US Stock-Index Futures Rise on Facebook

Stocks will probably shrug off yesterday’s slide, at least according to futures data. A lot will hinge on Q4 GDP numbers that are expected to come in 3.2 percent annually. Futures rallied after Facebook posted earning that beat the estimates. Facebook jumped 13 percent on the news in after trading session. Facebook shown it can… Read more

Q4 US Growth Probably 3.2 Percent

US growth remained strong after third quarter which saw huge rise in real GDP of 4.1% annually on inventories. Even if the inventory effect was expected to weigh in on Q4 results, most of the 87 Bloomberg surveyed analysts believed growth will hit 3.2% for the last quarter of 2013. Household spending probably carried most… Read more

Currencies are waiting for FOMC decision

Free signal alert for USDJPY 2014/01/29 Market until the end was hoping for positive boost from the UK data and since dreams have not come true, the demand for the U.S. dollar finally returned, especially in dangerous proximity to the FOMC meeting. As a result, EURUSD came to an end Tuesday to 1.3660 mark and… Read more

Mid-Weekly Reports Outlook

There are a lot of news and reports coming in the second part of the week. Markets will react to the incoming data depending if the expectations are met or not. It is essential for the traders to track this data in order to gain insight on what will move the markets in the coming… Read more

Pound Strengthens on UK Growth

GBP advanced against the USD as the investors were betting that Q4 has been another successful quarter for the UK economy. Pound reached 2 1/2 year high before the data, which has shown that UK growth remained robust at 0.7% in Q4. After the news, there weren’t sudden moves and the rate remained flat as… Read more

CySEC Clarifies Bonus Rules

UPDATE, December 2016: CySEC regulated brokers can no longer provide binary options bonuses! CySEC, the securities regulator of Cyprus presented 2014 priorities a day ago. The main goal is to tighten the control over CIF licensed companies. One of first moves in this year, outlined by the Commission Chairwoman Demetra Kalougerou was to put some… Read more

Binary Options Robot Review Added

We added a review for Binary Options Robot – a new software offering in the world of binary options auto trading. To read the review click here, and to find out more about Binary Options Robot and other similar software, as well as binary options signals, click “Signals” tab on main menu of homepage…. Read more

Buying Call Options for EURUSD – strong momentum

Strong momentum coming with a possible pennant and after the flat we had for the second wave it is time to look at this third wave that started. The current move seems to be too strong to be part of a leg of a contracting triangle like initially thought but it still points into the… Read more

Central Banking Morning Roundup

Relevant news for those trading JPY, GBP and AUD coming in this morning as BoJ published its statement on monetary policy, Australian CPI rose more than expected, and British unemployment rate fell faster than expected. While Japans monetary policy remains on track, Australian and British situation are not necessary clear. BoJ reiterated its target of… Read more

Trading Yen on BoJ Announcement

While BoJ didn’t announce schedule for tomorrow’s policy press conference, there are a lot of expectations regarding Kurodas next moves. A lot of major analysts are expecting BoJ to ease further this year. Yen moved in 104.20 and 104.70 for a USD interval this week while hitting 104.73 per USD at 6:20 a.m. this morning…. Read more

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