Forex Broker Reviews

Forex Broker Reviews

We have reviewed some of the best forex brokers online. The reviews give you an idea what you can expect when you a broker for free. The software is different and the services provided are different. Take a pick from our list and enjoy the potential wealth of trading forex. Forex & currencies are the… Read more

How to Analyze Risk Sentiment

In this lesson will be on Risk sentiment analysis. To recap, Risk sentiment is how people feel about the market. Do people generally feel the market is a bullish(buyers) or a bearish(sellers) market. One of most reliable sources to gage market sentiment is the Commitment of Traders report. The COT report measures net lone and… Read more

Dow Jones

The Dow is also known as the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the Dow Jones. Dow is a supposition of Charles Dow which rates the work of the thirty biggest corporations which are in business in the United States of America. Making calculations for the Dow is very simple. To do this you have to… Read more

LinkedIn PUT option

LinkediIn came out with good results for the Q1 of 2013. Despite the good results the share dropped from 200 to 180 in the aftermarket. The reason was as said not due to poor results, they were actually positive but stemmed from LinkedIn’s lowered expectations for Q2. LinkedIn was established in 2003 as a business… Read more

Market Environments

When I get contracts to do environmental work, one of the first things I do is look at the main environmental factors like the geologic and climatic data. With this data alone you can determine hat kind of contaminate may be in the area, and then know what tools will work best. With trading you… Read more

Economic Reports

In this is the first of two lessons on fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis entails many different aspects, but usually people are referring to economic fundamentals, and often simply meaning economic reports. Economic reports are like the tests a doctor runs on you when you go in for a check up. Economic reports measure the health… Read more

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