Precious metals have risen before the US Federal Reserve meeting

Precious metals have risen before the US Federal Reserve meeting

On Tuesday, January 29, precious assets rose on hopes that the Operations Committee on the Federal Open Market USA will continue to implement measures to mitigate the monetary policies, thus interrupting a series of slides start from the middle of last week. Besides coming out weaker than expected economic data from overseas, as well as… Read more

Banc de Binary Blocks US traders

We can inform that it is no longer possible for US citizens residing in USA to trade with Banc De Binary. The decision was made 25th of January 2013. We discovered the news as we were browsing our inbox.

Free Binary Options Currency Trading Advice

Cheerful day tourned out in terms of events and exchange reactions. A series of rumors, events and economic indicators have caused sharp fluctuations in the not-so-great range, resulting in chaos position of “bulls” and “bears”. As a result, EUR/USD closed the day at around 1.3290 and GBP/USD – in the area of ​​1.5860. In addition… Read more

Euro Weakens due to British Politics

British Prime Minister seriously puzzled European leaders to raise the issue with his statement about the EU membership in a general referendum. Britain has long linked the national interests with the European Union, but the chain of negative circumstances associated with the need to finance the unfavorable European countries, such as Greece, led to a… Read more

Backlight – Money and Speed: Inside The Black Box

Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box is a true thriller that shows how scary the automated financial world can crash by mistake. The market fell faster than humans can possible trade. Trades of 0.01 cent was taking place which is very abnormal and would not take place in the ‘real world’. People didn’t know… Read more

Gold and silver ended the global session with a slight growth

On Wednesday, 16 January, at the beginning of the global trading session precious metals declined amid partial long positions fixation and the strengthen of the US dollar in the international FOREX currency market. Besides this gold and silver quotes also came under pressure because of the macro data, which indicated that the price risks in… Read more

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