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Profitcoins: Fast Profits or Lose Them All?

Profitcoins is a new crypto auto-trading software that has gained a certain degree of popularity in the last few months. Fast and easy money sounds appealing to just about anyone, but it’s never that straightforward. In fact, what Profitcoins is claiming is flat-out impossible. So, let’s cut right to the chase. Is this just another… Read more

DDFutures: Investment Scam or Legit Software?

DDFutures is a new forex and cryptocurrency investment website that aims to “generate high returns” through their “reliable” investment plans. Specifically, the website promises users up to a 1555% return of their profits after only 25 days. Impossible, right? Well, that’s exactly what our team set to uncover. Who is this company and how do… Read more

IQ Option Introduces Brand-New Digital Options Assets and Indicators

IQ Option has entered the new year by introducing 4 all-new digital options assets and 20 new indicators to their platform. The award-winning broker has once again proven to trader’s worldwide that the “ultimate trading experience” is no joke and they will continue updating their offers to cater to all types of investors. Check out… Read more

Is CryptoTrader a Scam?

CryptoTrader is the latest auto trading software that appeared on the market. It promises great payouts with little to no effort, so we can presume that many traders will want to know more about this product. This review will help you decide whether CryptoTrader is a scam or not. Fair Binary Options Team never used… Read more

Cannabis Trader: Smart Investment or New Scam?

Cannabis Trader is a new auto-trading software seeking to profit from the recent soar in cannabis stocks worldwide. This phenomenon, which has come to be known as the “green rush” substantially grew following the legalization of marijuana in Canada in October 2018. Cannabis Trader claims that “things are only going to get more explosive” and… Read more

The Calloway Software: A Scam or A Legit App?

The Calloway Software is yet another app that falsely claims to make any trader rich no matter their trading skills or experience. You can allegedly make several thousand dollars within a few hours. This is far from the truth and all serious traders should stay away from such scams that all they want to do… Read more

MaximusCryptoBot: The Truth Unveiled

So, let’s cut to the chase. MaximusCryptoBot is nothing more than another robot scam. It allegedly provides 93% accurate signals on both Forex and Cryptocurrencies so that potential traders can make huge profits. Make no mistake, there is not a single software on this planet that can be so accurate. The only goal of this… Read more

Prime Trading Bot – Ultimate Scam For Traders?

Recently we noticed an interesting new product on the market called Prime Trading Bot. They claim that behind this product is  Primetrading, a licensed investment company that is designed to provide services, investment strategies, and various products to their clients. Also, they state on their website that they have 135 investment teams in 30 countries… Read more

Bitcoin Loophole: 3 Red Flags to Always Avoid

Bitcoin Loophole is a new get-rich-quick trading software that caught our eye. With its vague site, impossible promises, misleading video and unregulated brokers, this software has proven to be yet another scam in the trading market. Our team took a thorough look at Bitcoin Loophole’s site and platform and created a detailed list and review… Read more

Bitcoin Revolution Review – Scam or Not?

Let’s cut to the chase. This is another scam that has been going on for quite a while now. Even the website changes its name from time to time to try to scam as many people as possible with their false claims of providing 99.4% accurate Bitcoin signals on to traders. Keep reading the whole review below… Read more

The Use of Cryptocurrency in Politics

Donations for political campaigns has long been a controversial issue. Now with the recent crypto-buzz, advocates of digital currency have been pushing for the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as donations in political campaigns. Clovr noticed this recent trend and decided to look into it even further. Especially in a time of political uncertainty in the United… Read more

How Did Media Report on The Cryptocurrency Boom?

The year 2017 was the year of cryptocurrencies. They were not that exposed as a topic in general speak, however in few short months they became global investment phenomenon and a speculative bubble. By the end of 2017, the Bitcoin price has exploded and reached almost $20,000 per 1 Bitcoin. This rapid rise was also… Read more

Cryptocurrency: A New Way of Sending Money Abroad

CLOVR conducted a survey to examine how people currently send money abroad and if there are any other modern ways that are better than the known traditional ones. To perform the study, CLOVR’s researchers surveyed 707 people. Findings show where people send the money to, what the funds are usually used for as well as what… Read more

IQ Option Introduces AstroPay – Prepaid Card Created For CFDs Trading

What is an AstroPay Card?  Astropay is one of the most popular virtual prepaid cards for deposit and withdrawals. It is accepted at thousands of websites around the world. Also, the traders can manage Astropay cards from their mobile phones and get quick access whenever they need it. This card is available in several different… Read more

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