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Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world, and fair Binary Options gives you an opportunity to read reviews and decide which one is the best for you. Bingo is an amazing game with multiple variations that is dynamic, exciting and fun to play, as it also helps to build a community of players. We put a lot of effort into reviewing different casinos that offer bingo, so make sure to read our reviews below. These reviews are created with our readers in mind and provide detailed information that will help you make the decision.

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What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance where players mark off numbers printed of specially formatted bingo cards. The numbers in the squares on the bingo card must correspond with the random numbers called out by a game ‘host’.

Significantly, no two bingo cards in a single game have the same arrangement of numbers on them. Subsequently, every player has an equal chance of marking a winning pattern on a bingo card.

When Did Bingo Appear Online?

The game of bingo was mainly played in local bingo halls and community centers until 1996. The arrival of the online gambling revolution saw the launch of the first online bingo website. The convenience of online bingo combined with fast internet connections led to the launch of hundreds of online bingo websites and millions of people enjoying online bingo.

Types of Online Bingo Games

In this part of the article, we will introduce our readers to several different types of bingo. Even though the basic principles are always the same, small variations in rules and the way the game is played. This allows bingo players to always enjoy a different type of bingo game, while still playing the online casino game they like the most!

90 Ball Bingo Game Variant

bingo illustration The game using 90 balls is the most popular version played in the UK online and in bingo halls. Notably, you can buy a single bingo ticket or a ‘strip’ of 6 tickets. On a single ticket, you see 5 horizontal rows and 9 vertical columns. On each horizontal row, there are 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces. The first of the vertical columns is only for numbers 1-9. The second column for numbers 10-19, the third column for numbers 20-29 and so forth. Essentially, when you buy a strip, you have all 90 numbers that may be called during the 90 ball bingo game. As the numbers are called, you mark the numbers yourself or you select ‘Auto-dab’ so the bingo software marks each number for you. We have seen online bingo sites where the Auto-dab feature is permanently switched on, so you can never miss a number.

Three Winning Patterns in 90 Ball Bingo

There are only three possible winners in a 90 ball bingo game. You get a win by completing one of three winning patterns. Remember that a single player can win more than one prize in a game. The first and smallest prize of the game, is won by the first player to mark all the numbers on any single line on a ticket. The player marking two lines on a ticket gets second prize. However, the third prize and biggest prize, goes to the player marking all 15 numbers on a ticket, obtaining a Full House.

75 Ball Bingo Game

This game variant is especially popular in North America but is offered by most online bingo websites in Europe. Players buy one or more pre-printed cards to play a single game. The cards have the letters BINGO written across the top. Numbers are arranged in specific patterns on a 5X5 grid under the letters of the word BINGO.

Notably, the center square in the grid has the word free written on it, meaning it’s already marked. The first column under the letter B is for numbers 1-15. Under the letter, I, are numbers from 16-30. Under the letter N are numbers from 31-45. Under the letter G you find numbers from 46-60. Under the letter O, you find numbers from 61-75.  A game host calls out randomly picked numbers and players fill in the pre-determined pattern on their cards. When a player shouts ‘Bingo’, the caller inspects the winning card to verify that the player has filled in the pattern correctly. Interestingly, progressive jackpot prizes are often a feature of 75 ball bingo for overall wins. These potentially huge prizes are awarded for marking a specific pattern entirely.

How Does Online Bingo Differ to Bingo in a Live Venue?

Online bingo simply means you are playing virtual bingo in an online bingo room, using a computer or mobile device and the internet. There isn’t any difference between bingo game variants played in a bingo hall and bingo games available online. 75 ball and 90 ball bingo are the most common games on offer in both locations. Significantly, online bingo websites tend to operate on big bingo networks. The result is, they can offer a lot more jackpot games with huge prizes because there are many more players buying tickets.

The obvious difference is you don’t sit with a bingo card and a pencil marking your tickets like you would in a traditional bingo hall. Instead, you use the computer ‘mouse’ to dab the numbers on the virtual card on the screen of your PC or mobile device. Most bingo websites use special software to dab the numbers for you automatically. That way, you can never miss a bingo win.

Play Online Bingo Anytime, Anywhere

You can play online bingo from any location whenever you feel like it, making it convenient and practical. The numbers are selected by a random number generator on the online bingo site. Each number is called by a pre-recorded voice, usually every three seconds. However, in the local bingo hall, a person calls the numbers as they shoot out of a specially designed machine on small bingo balls.

Whilst you can’t see the faces of players sitting at the tables, you see a list of usernames. Whenever games start, you immediately see everybody taking part in each game. Over time, you are likely to recognize the names of the ‘regulars’ and chat to them using the interactive chat function. It’s a nice way to make bingo buddies and feel a part of the community where you play.

bingo winner Setting Up an Online Bingo Account

It takes just a couple of minutes to fill in the registration form when you have decided on a bingo platform.  You need to be at least 18 years old and provide a recognized identity document to prove your age and who you are. You’ll also need to give a username for playing bingo games and a secure password for accessing the bingo website.

When you choose a bingo site, check the payment methods accepted on the site. Typically, you need a credit, debit or cash card with your name on it. It’s important to realize that you can’t use a payment card belonging to anybody else.

Choosing a Username and Password

To save time during the registration process, think of a username that you would like to be known by during your bingo sessions. You must include a username when you fill in the registration form on the bingo website as players don’t use their real names.

Notably, you can only have a username that has not already been chosen by a player on the bingo site. Bear in mind that you must choose a socially acceptable name that is not rude. If you choose an inappropriate name, you’ll be asked to change it immediately.

As for the password, it’s the key to accessing your bingo account. It’s important that you choose a complicated password that others can’t work out easily. What’s more, just like a bank account, never tell other people your password. You don’t want a dishonest person to use your bingo account and perhaps withdraw your funds.

Buying Online Bingo Tickets

Typically, you are required to deposit a minimum of £5 – £10 when you register with a bingo site. The money is kept in your real money balance and any bonuses are placed into your bonus balance. Every time you buy online bingo tickets, the money is deducted from your bingo account.

When you win bingo games and cash prizes, the money is added to your real money bingo account. However, to withdraw money, you must make a withdrawal request and wait for the request to be processed. It takes most online bingo rooms around 10 working days to get your money to you. However, in live bingo venues, you get your winnings immediately.

Bonuses Offered on Online Bingo Sites

Unlike local bingo halls who usually serve players living close by, online bingo sites have a community of registered players from all over the UK and Europe. Sometimes from countries as far afield as Australia. The fact that bingo sites compete for new customers whilst seeking to retain existing players, is advantageous for bingo enthusiasts everywhere. Bingo sites typically offer valuable promotions including lucrative bonus offers.

The kinds of offers you will come across are deposit bonuses, cash prizes, bonus prizes, free prize draws and expensive gadgets like smart phones and tablets. We found that bingo sites are always trying to make their offers better than those of the competition. In fact, you can spend days comparing the promotional offers and have difficulties deciding which site to register with. That’s why we review the various bingo sites and make recommendations on our website.

Are Online Bingo Games Fair?

bingo jackpot image coinsYou can only be sure that the bingo games you are playing are fair, when you choose a reliable bingo site. There are hundreds of online bingo sites and some are not reliable.

Reputable bingo platforms employ independent industry specialists to test the random number generator. They usually publish the reports on the website to prove they pursue a policy of fair gaming. What’s more, they only partner with reliable software providers.

However, you don’t need to learn the hard way, because we have done in depth reviews of bingo websites for you to read. Of course, we only recommend secure bingo websites where you are guaranteed fair games and transparency. Follow the link to read our bingo site reviews. These reviews can help you find the bingo site that suits you best.

Major Advantages of Online Bingo Sites

Going to the local Bingo hall has traditionally provided players with the opportunity to socialize with others in their community. But there is often a downside that puts people off going to a live bingo hall.

For a start, leaving your home and taking public transport in bad weather, makes the trip to the local bingo hall challenging or even impossible. And that’s if there is a bingo hall operating near you. With the rapid growth of online bingo, live bingo venues are harder to find. A further disadvantage of going to a bingo hall is the cost of getting there and time lost on the journey. Even if you can get there for free, you’ll be wanting some food and snacks during your bingo session.

All that money spent on ‘extras’, takes a chunk out of your bingo budget, reducing the number of tickets you can buy and the money you could win. The biggest advantages of online bingo are that the bingo sites never close so you can play bingo at any time you want. You’ll be amazed at how many players play bingo in the middle of the night, because they have difficulties sleeping! Furthermore, you play online bingo from the comfort of your own home in your pyjamas if you want to. Nobody can see you and because you are playing with an anonymous user name, nobody knows who you are.

Make Friends with Fellow Bingo Players Online

Playing online bingo is a sociable activity, giving you the opportunity to meet a lot of people and make friends through the online chat in the bingo rooms. You can even create a personal ‘buddy list’, adding the usernames of bingo friends that you make during bingo games.

Players are always advised to refrain from posting their real names, phone numbers and email addresses in the bingo rooms. Unfortunately, it can lead to nasty players spoiling your sociable online bingo experience with ‘trolling’.

Using the Interactive Chat Function in a Bingo Room

The way the interactive chat function works during online bingo games is very straightforward. The term ‘chat’ can be a bit confusing. You don’t talk out loud into your computer or mobile device, although it’s likely to come with technological advances!

Instead, you type comments into a chat box on the screen next to your bingo cards, for other players to see and respond to. The chat function creates a friendly and vibrant atmosphere, contributing greatly to the enduring popularity of online bingo.

Bear in mind that your chat appears with your chosen username, so everybody knows which player wrote the comments. Reputable online bingo rooms have chat moderators to ensure that anybody using offensive language is immediately removed from the chat room. After all, the whole point of the chat function is to make online bingo sociable and fun.

Most online bingo sites aim to create a sense of community. Typically, they offer free bingo, loyalty points and all kinds of thrilling promotions to make their sites stand out from the rest.

Online Bingo Sites Offer Exciting Side Games

Every bingo site ‘worth its salt’, offers a good selection of side games. You’ll find popular slots titles with lucrative payouts, casino games and instant scratch games.

You can play the games in pop-up windows while you enjoy your bingo sessions. Alternatively, you can play any of the side games on the full screen of your PC or mobile device. Winnings from side games are paid into your real money bingo account.

What Can Go Wrong in Online Bingo?

Playing bingo on the internet can present you with some difficulties that you won’t encounter in your local bingo hall.

Unreliable Bingo Site

It can happen that your online bingo game doesn’t run smoothly because the bingo website isn’t using reliable software. To avoid this happening to you, choose a trusted online bingo site by reading our frank reviews.

Slow Internet Connection

scam keyboard Secondly, it’s important to realize that a slow internet connection automatically slows down your gaming sessions. Anybody who wants to play online games with lots of colourful graphics, needs a reasonably fast internet connection.

Bear in mind that all good bingo sites offer exciting side games in addition to bingo games. Lucrative slots and instant games can liven up your bingo sessions and boost your overall wins. Nevertheless, instant games need a fast internet connection and the installation of Adobe flash player onto your device.

Happily, it’s free to install the Adobe flash player onto your PC or mobile device. The flash player is available online and allows you to enjoy the vibrant graphics in all the instant games offered on the bingo website.

Disconnection from the Bingo Website During Play

You may find that during your bingo game, you are disconnected from the website because of an internet glitch or you press the X icon in error. If this happens, don’t panic as the game goes on and you still get any winnings you make!

The website servers take over the dabbing for you if you were dabbing the numbers manually. If the bingo website implements auto dabbing, the game carries on automatically during a disconnection.

Always Choose a Trustworthy Online Bingo Site

To avoid scam bingo sites, always select a bingo platform with a proven record for integrity and transparency. You don’t need to go far to find an excellent online bingo room where you can play safely in a friendly environment.

We have reviewed many online bingo rooms and published our detailed reviews for you to read on our website. Our aim is to help you choose a trustworthy online bingo site, quickly and easily.

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